Women With Purpose monthly luncheon will be held at the Eagles Club in Lake Hallie (Chippewa Falls) 11:45am-1pm.

  • September 27th 2017—Changing colors of our lives! —–Elaine Cooper

  • October 18th 2017— Leading with Purpose –—- Julie Court

  • November 15th 2017—-  Attitude of Gratitude  — Renee Liming

  • December 20th 2017—– Joy in Serving—-Sandi Polzin

  • January 17th 2018—- Love your Life—- Emily Eichstadt

  • February 21st 2018—- What Inspires you? —Melinda Gardner

  •  March 21st 2018—- Spring Into Action!—Nancy Rothwell
  • April 18th 2018—-Showers of Blessing—Cathy Jenson
  • May 16th 2018—- No Face, Yet a Thousand Faces—CeCelia Zorn

Women With Purpose Luncheon will be held at the Eagles Club in Lake Hallie (Chippewa Falls) on Wednesday,  May 16th at 11:45am-1pm. WWP’s featured guest speaker this month will be CeCelia Zorn :

No Face, Yet a Thousand Faces

 CeCelia Zorn brings a threefold background to our May 16 luncheon presentation. As a registered nurse, award-winning university professor for 32 years, and a lifelong writer, she maintains that a personal experience in her high school launched her latest novel, “Devils Don’t Wear Velvet.” In her presentation, she will describe the backbone of that novel which is set in a familiar, working-class Wisconsin background: gritty, smart, and independent teens who take care of ill family members. These teens are often emotionally-drained and their social life, education, and career goals may be severely distressed. Yet, they are frequently invisible in our society—their voices beg to be heard.