Women With Purpose monthly luncheon will be held at the Eagles Club in Lake Hallie (Chippewa Falls) 11:45am-1pm.

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Women With Purpose Luncheon will be held at the Eagles Club in Lake Hallie (Chippewa Falls) on Wednesday,  March 21st at 11:45am-1pm. WWP’s featured guest speaker this month will be Nancy Rothwell :

Have you been procrastinating on decluttering and getting organized?  What are you waiting for?? What is holding you back? Looking at your own clutter can feel overwhelming, causing you to become paralyzed. Where do you begin to tackle your piles??

Spring is an excellent time to evaluate where you are at with clutter and where you want to be with organization. If you are ready to Spring into Action and could use some ideas & encouragement, then you won’t want to miss this opportunity to listen to Nancy Rothwell, Professional Organizer & Owner of Straighten-Up Organizing as she discusses ways to declutter & organize EVERYTHING you need in your home.

If you ask Nancy how long she has been helping people get organized, she will tell you she has all of her life. However it wasn’t until early in 2002 when Nancy recognized most people desired to be organized and were willing to pay her for her help. It was then that Nancy Rothwell formed Straighten-Up Organizing.

Nancy earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Psychology at Mankato State University in Mankato Minnesota March 1988. She followed her dream of becoming a Social Worker and did so for the State of Nebraska as a Child Protective Services Worker for several years. In 1994, a move to Wisconsin caused her to leave her dream job behind and focus on the upcoming birth of her first child. With her husband Bryce’s blessing, Nancy was fortunate to be able to stay home with both of her children, Bryanna, now 23 and Brayden, now 20. While being at home with her children, she was able to help friends simplify their lives by helping them get organized. The word got out and one day, Nancy was approached by a friend to organize her scrapbook room- and get paid for it. Get paid for a passion?  It was then Nancy felt her calling to become a Professional Organizer.

In the Fall of 2012, Nancy appeared as the Professional Organizer on an episode of TLC’s Hoarding Buried Alive. She is also currently a member of the newly formed Eau Claire County Hoarding Task Force.

Nancy Rothwell
Professional Organizer/Owner
Straighten-Up Organizing

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